A collision space for space, aerospace, and directed energy. This technology hub in Nob Hill, Albuquerque is focused on bringing economic development to our city. Their cohort program developed by ImPRonta Public Relations makes Q Station the leader in technology innovation initiatives. Through their cohort program, they are currently working with six companies with the goal of relocation here in New Mexico. The companies are incentivized as the cohort program offers them free office workspace at Q Station, an in-house media and public relations team (ImPRonta), connections to AFRL, EDA, and the city of Albuquerque Economic Development, all at no cost to them. 
It is our job to accelerate and grow the cohort's success here in Albuquerque--through social media, press releases, and events. 
Handbill for U.S. Space Force related convention. Advertising Q Station. 
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